Salinger Publishing

Salinger Publishing is a full service publishing house created with one goal in mind – to provide a complete platform for authors to build a following and generate revenue across a range of sources other than just book sales.

To do that we had to turn the traditional publishing business model on its head. Despite being a multi-billion industry only 8.8% of published authors make over $100k per annum. It’s a pyramid model with the publishing houses and a tiny percentage of the authors at the very top pocketing the overwhelming majority of the revenues.

Salinger Publishing goes much further than a traditional publisher by providing authors with the full ecosystem required to generate a sustained income from writing.

Working with the other agencies within our organisation Salinger Publishing will design and publish the work as well as create the website, run the social campaign, build the ecommerce store, launch the app and create the affiliate marketing revenue stream from our authors selection of other works. It is a horrible irony that published authors earn between 5 and 10 percent of the royalties from their own works. We can generate 10% royalties from any work recommended by the author simply via a well run affiliate program with Amazon.

On top of a very complete revenue ecosystem Salinger publishing has one defining feature no other publisher can match. We partner with our authors and split the revenue evenly 50-50.

We’re launching the publishing business in May with our 6 founding authors. Please get in touch if you’re an existing or an aspiring author who is interested in turning your writing into a full time career.