Salinger Design

Design & Direction

Salinger Design is the original business that kicked things off for the Salinger Media Group way back in 1996. The skills required for effective design have evolved considerably in that time but the overarching principles remain intact.

The best engagement happens when users like how it looks AND how it works.

After 18 years this is still the starting point of every project.

Salinger Design has a job to do. That job is to evoke a response through beautiful design and considered information architecture.

Our latest project is a network of 70 sites. It is a massive, multi-agency collaboration. Salinger Design lead the project and we got to showcase our design chops as well as our thought process. Daily Smitten (below) is one of the launch sites for the new network.

The project scope included creating both a publisher and a platform, CMS design, ecommerce, community development, social media strategy and multi-variate testing story pages for a range of outcomes. The site ‘learns’ over time and will display different products/offers/ads or call to actions based on the user activity, time of day, entry channel and e-commerce choices.

We have experience designing and running some of the biggest media projects in history for NewsCorp, the Daily Mail, Microsoft, Facebook et al and we think our new network of sites is the most advanced publishing platform in the world at this moment.