Salinger Media

We are a full service design and campaign agency. In addition we have an in-house social media business (The Social Republic), a User Experience research lab (UX Collective) and our own publishing company (Salinger Publishing)
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Salinger Design

Salinger Design works across the group of companies covering web, print, ebook and app design. Salinger Design has won a string of international awards including Pepsi’s global agency innovation award, an open competition held by the Foo Fighters and twice won  PANPA’s online newspaper of the year.

The Social Republic

The Social Republic is a social media + research agency. We help our clients navigate the fast moving world of social media, protecting their brands, generating new clients and turning existing clients into advocates. We start with meticulous research to identify opportunities then roll out a comprehensive social strategy to increase traffic and conversions

Salinger Publishing

Salinger Publishing goes much further than a traditional publisher by providing authors with the full ecosystem required to generate a sustained income from writing. Working with the other agencies within our organisation Salinger Publishing will design and publish the work as well as create the website, run the social campaign and launch the app.

The UX Collective

The UX collective is an Information Architecture and User Experience agency, specializing in research and multivariate testing. We help our clients build and optimize user-centric digital properties. We work across the web, email, mobile and iPhone/iPad/Android apps.

Founded in 1996 Salinger Media has created and run some of the biggest campaigns in Digital.

Whether it’s a multi-year,multi-million visitor campaign like Pepsi’s global music promotion or getting an unknown authors first book published Salinger Media has the experience and technical expertise to deliver.

News – A collection of news from our own staff and relevant articles from around the web on digital media, design, user experience and publishing.

The newsonomics of the New York Times ‘NYT Now’ iPhone App

It’s an ambitious launch. Within it, we can hear many of the digital news buzzwords of the moment: mobile first, curation, paywall, native ads, voice. NYT Now debuts on April 2, side-stepping the foolish superstitions of a day earlier, and about five months after...

Jenn Gustetic: NASA finds big payoffs in crowdsourcing research

By Jenn Gustetic – The Prizes and Challenges Program Executive in the Office of the Chief Technologist at NASA.  Crowdsourcing is an important trend, and it’s not just for pooling together knowledge on a wiki page. In fact, it’s proving extremely valuable for...

Why are venture capitalists suddenly investing in news again?

Something curious is happening in the American news business. Media organizations are hiring again. Promising young reporters are leaving stalwart publications for new newsrooms. And venture capitalists are pouring millions into nimble publishing startups. It’s a rare...

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